USQ's Industry Mentoring Program

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The Industry Mentoring Program is:

  • Open to all study disciplines and industries
  • Allows students to connect with one or several professionals working in industry throughout the year.
  • Participants can opt-in and out as the year progresses. 
  • 10 different mentoring program plans on offer. 

Choosing your mentoring program plan:

The 2020 Industry Mentoring Program offers 10 mentoring program plans for participants to choose between. Each plan offers a list of tasks, activities and talking points on different topics (depending on the plan you choose). You are able to use the plan to guide your mentoring relationship. If you're looking for a more self-lead program with little guidance provided, option 1 will best suit you. 

You will select your preferred mentoring program plan/s when registering for the mentoring program (you can change your selections at any time). Your choice of program will be used as a guide when finding a mentoring match and when assigning the appropriate mentoring plan to your connection. 

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How to get started: 

Once you have registered and have been approved, 
  • Students can browse the list of mentors and select their mentoring preferences. Once preferences are selected, they can send a request to the Program Administrators, who will assign the connection. 
  • You will be notified via email and through platform notifications if you have been connected. If you would not like to continue with the connection, you can reach out to the Program Administrators to close the connection. 
  • Once connected, depending on the mentoring plan the Administrator has assigned you to, you will receive emails to guide you through your mentoring connection. 
  • Continuous support is provided by the USQ Careers and Employability team throughout.  

Program dates:

Students will be able to view mentor profiles and send mentoring connection requests from 1 April - 30 November. Please note you may withdraw from this program at any time.

IMPORTANT - Keep your availability updated

You are required to keep us updated on your availability, you can do this through one of three ways:

  • Update your availability on your profile in the platform
  • Contact the Program Administrators through the platform, or 
  • Contact USQ Careers and Employability at

Resources for Mentors

  • Document: Mentor Handbook
  • As your availability changes, update your availability by contacting the Program Administrations, or or simply login to the platform and edit your availability in your profile. 

Resources for Students

This platform has been a great opportunity to contribute towards the measurable objectives of several mentees including employment, wellbeing and professional development - 2019 Mentor for USQ

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